Human Trafficking Awareness

Now more than ever it is crucial to rise up and take a stand against Human Sex Trafficking. IT IS HAPPENING in your communities, states, countries, and just in the U.S. alone, has created a profit of an estimated $32 billion a year. 1 in 4 slavery victims are children and 71% of all victims are women and girls. Disgusting right? 

So, how can you help?

1. Know the signs: 

-behaviors including fear, anxiety, depression, submission, tension, and/or nervousness

-truancy or tardiness from school

-inability or fear to make eye contact

-excessive amounts of cash

-"hyper vigilance" or paranoid behavior

-controlling or dominating relationships

2. Report a tip to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline 1-888-373-7888, open 24/7, or call 911

3. Search your local support groups and get involved (I volunteer for Operation Underground Railroad aka O.U.R.)

It's important to remember that most victims aren't tied up in a basement somewhere, abandoned and bruised. Most victims are actually your average looking person, who have been approached online and coerced into sending nudes, children being pimped out by their parents, or runaways promised a "better life". 

Rally at the Sacramento state capitol on July 30, 2020

for World Day Against Human Trafficking. 

That's me!


       In April of 2019, I spent a total of 3 weeks working in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. My focus was to teach everyone how to STAY STRONG in all circumstances. I had the privilege of speaking in multiples schools, rehabs, churches, women's organizations, shelters and with locals.  We all walk different walks of life, we struggle differently, we look different, we want different things, but we ALL have equal value. It is necessary for us to struggle, feel alone, experiences highs and lows and sometimes wonder how we will get by. It's those moments where we develop our strengths, get out of our comfort zones, learn our worth and choose to stand up after every time we fall. Staying strong through it all, is a choice. Staying strong doesn't mean you don't break down, cry, feel lost, or need help. Staying strong means you acknowledge your emotions and feelings, you ask for help and guidance, you focus on self improvement, and you change surviving into thriving. 

How Bullying and Our Words Impact Others

(Gonza Secondary School, Uganda)

Single Mom's Unite and Empower

Educational Goal Setting

(Hannah's Victory Primary School, Uganda )

Butterfly Business Effect

(Kenya Business Association, Kenya)

Addiction and Our Shortcomings Do Not Define You

(Rehab, Kenya)


Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me

A lie we tell ourselves, to brush off the pain our words can be

You see, people like to hear the good, but they never forget the bad and ugly

It’s apparently more important to be mean, nasty and thugly

We need that in-crowd, our crew, followers and mass popularity

Seeking validation, shamelessly bullying others as if it were an act of charity

Girls hating girls for being short, fat, flat chested or homely

Yet if you’re too tall, skinny or unique you still can’t be their homies

Our amusement park world, where you have to be this tall to join

Your status is defined by if you have dollars or coins

And how manly are you men if you like theater, clubs or dance?

When it’s so “cool” to have facial hair, play sports and get in girl’s underpants

On your first day of high school, you feel like a top dog

When reality is you’re lost in a new crowd, that’s thicker than fog

So how will you stand out? Rise above and be remembered?

Will it be kind, positive and uplifting words that others heard

Or will you call names, act out on a bad day and bully others?

Choose to be strong, choose to rise above, treating everyone like sisters and brothers

Because what can be said in 4 seconds could take 4 months or years to forget

For you it was a moment, but to others, their self-worth it WILL threat

School will be a difficult trial and our personal lives can be even tougher

So I beg you, BE KIND and lift up others, so they no longer suffer.

-Ashley Noelle-

(Inderkum High, California   January 2019)

© 2018 by Ashley Noelle. Self-worth coach & motivational speaker.