About Me

If you know me, you know I am a huge goofball. I love to be silly, make others laugh and be the life of the party. I may look like a soccer mom in my minivan, but inside that van, i'm bumpin' hip hop and chuggin' capri suns while yelling "YOLO". 

I have four children who manage to keep me busy even when they're asleep. Because of them, I knew my mistakes didn't define me, but I also knew that wasn't an excuse to not be the best version of me. 

I am huge on being open, honest and authentic.  

I am a very passionate person when it comes to helping others who don't know their worth, what they have to offer and the legitimate value they provide on a daily basis. I do that best through my personal raps and spoken word, hence the play on words, putting the rap in theRAPy.

© 2018 by Ashley Noelle. Self-worth coach & motivational speaker.